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  • Random Intercept Multilevel Modeling of Nurse Trust with Virtual Intensive Care Units: A Review of the Multilevel Model. CLICK HERE


  • Patient expectation questionnaires and shared decision-making as methods to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing for URIs CLICK HERE
  • Work life and work control in academic primary care physicians: Differences with the private sector CLICK HERE
  • Electronic health records and physician stress in office based practice? CLICK HERE
  • Understanding crossover designs CLICK HERE
  • Structural Equation Modeling Power Estimates CLICK HERE
  • Scale invariance testing - Differential item functioning (DIF): The use of MIMIC models CLICK HERE
  • Bias comparisons for LSEM, Path Model, and CISE-alpha models CLICK HERE
  • Factorial Survey Methods: and the use of HLM, HOLIT, HULIT, and HLIT Models CLICK HERE
  • Why is skewness and distribution asymmetry of scale scores so important? CLICK HERE
  • Is it a problem if I use factor analysis on dichotomous data in scale development? CLICK HERE
  • Using dynamic multidimensional graphics for obtaining information on hierarchical simultaneous time-series measures in infants: Exploring pre-modeling conditions. CLICK HERE
  • A method for obtaining stable physician/clinic Performance estimates: How many patients/charts do I need to adequately represent physician and clinic performance in a trial? CLICK HERE
  • Reviewing the ins and outs of conducting cluster randomized control trails in primary care research and evaluation CLICK HERE
  • Adaptive treatment strategies and SMART studies CLICK HERE
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