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Medical and Health Science Research

MED - Home Page NEWS!!!!...FOR August 2022 ... MRC is currently involved in medical social research regarding COVID-19.

MRC also specializes in consulting and support for research projects, along with PhD student research.

Specializing in:

  • Primary Care Medicine Research
  • Social Science Research in Pharmacy
  • Quality Control Projects
  • Health Information Technology Research
  • Evaluation of Health Programs
  • Psychological and Psyhiatric Research
  • Measurement Development

How MRC can help :
  • Help with Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey online survey design and analysis.
  • Help writing your next grant (we can write the analysis, measurement and power sections)
  • Help writing and working on your next manuscript
  • MRC can analyze your data and build statistical models
  • MRC can produce quality data graphics for your presentation or manuscript
  • Help designing and setting up your clinical trial

MRC provides online internet statistical and data analysis services in the following areas.
  • Statistical and data analysis
  • Compariative Effectiveness Research
  • Mathematical model building
  • Consulting on research designs
  • Analysis, consulting and manuscript preparation over the internet
  • Consulting on the newest and most popular models (e.g., structural equation modeling, multilevel linear modeling, mixed growth models, LCA, LTA, etc.)
  • Work with the latest dynamic and multidimensional graphics
  • Computer simulation studies
  • Health and Medical program evaluation
  • Exact statistical modeling
  • Biostatistical consulting
  • Bayesian Estimates (MCMC)
  • Fuzzy Clustering and typology construction
  • Data mining approaches
  • Mathematical exploration of data using artificial intelligence
  • Observational and Event Sequence Analysis
  • Survey construction and analysis

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