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NRC - Home Page NEWS!!!!...FOR August 2022 ... MRC is currently working with nurse researchers at six major schools of nursing around the country, please contact us.

MRC also specializes in consulting and support for nurse research projects, along with PhD and DNP student research.

Specializing in:
  • Primary Care Nursing Research
  • Nursing logistics
  • Quality Control Projects
  • Health Information Technology Research
  • Evaluation of Health Programs
  • Psychological and Psyhiatric Nursing Research
  • Measurement Development

How MRC can help :
  • Help with Qualtrics and SurveyMonkey online survey design and analysis.
  • Help writing your next grant (we can write the analysis, measurement and power sections)
  • Help writing and working on your next manuscript
  • MRC can analyze your data and build statistical models
  • MRC can produce quality data graphics for your presentation or manuscript
  • Help designing and setting up your clinical trial

MRC provides online internet statistical and data analysis services in the following areas.
  • Statistical and data analysis
  • Compariative Effectiveness Research
  • Mathematical model building
  • Consulting on research designs
  • Analysis, consulting and manuscript preparation over the internet
  • Consulting on the newest and most popular models (e.g., structural equation modeling, multilevel linear modeling, mixed growth models, LCA, LTA, etc.)
  • Work with the latest dynamic and multidimensional graphics
  • Computer simulation studies
  • Health and Medical program evaluation
  • Exact statistical modeling
  • Biostatistical consulting
  • Bayesian Estimates (MCMC)
  • Data mining approaches
  • Mathematical exploration of data using artificial intelligence
  • Observational and Event Sequence Analysis
  • Survey construction and analysis

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